Monday, June 20, 2011

Easter... in June :)

So I get distracted from blogging because I get backed up and and then feel like there is too much to catch up on but don't want to skip anything cause I like to have the record and the pics together. I was finally inspired to get in gear again and go ahead and post about Easter when I saw that a friend of mine had posted about Christmas last month so I guess posting about Easter in June is ok too right?

I have found that I get way to much enjoyment out of giving my kids things and holidays are such a good excuse for that. Even though neither Phil or I growing up got big gifts at Easter we some how came to the conclusion that it would be fun to get Madison a bike for Easter. Our justification was that her birthday was too far into the summer to wait and that we wanted her to have it as the weather warmed up. Next time I think we can just get her a bike (or whatever it is) for no reason... It was a fun day and I know a memorable one for her but I just felt like there was something wrong about celebrating Easter with big gifts took away from the focus, plus how will we ever top a new bike! Next year it's eggs and candy like the rest of the normal world. ;)

I think we were more excited about it than she was at first!

 It took her a few rides to get the hang of it but she is pro now a bit of a scardy cat but it works good because then I can keep up with her on foot.

We also had our traditional Easter dying with our Neighbors and the oh so fun Easter egg hunt, unfortunately the dye on our eggs melted or something, in the humid air so the girls ended up with dye all over their hands.

I think Dave got more messy than the kids did!

Samantha kept trying to eat the eggs with the shells still on.

Easter Dresses! That the best I could get as far as a smile for Samantha.

A little late but Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Love of my life!!!

We got Phil his present early this year so I wanted to do something special for him and thought one way to add to his day would be to tell him just how much I love him, and what better way to do that then publicly with pictures! :)

I knew I loved you when I first saw you, or at least I thought you were the most attractive thing I had laid eyes on since getting home from school! I knew when I saw you that I was going to date you! I knew when you found out that I was four year younger than you and you decided not to hang out with me at the baseball game I was crushed, and determined! I knew when I sat on your lap on the way home from the A's game in Paige Montgomery's car that I was going to be your girlfriend! I knew I really really liked you when you held my hand during Shawshank redemption!

I knew you were a loving person when we went on our first date at the Exploratorium in San Fransisco with my youngest sister and our cousin! I knew you liked me when you took the time to drive me all over San Fransisco showing me every landmark I didn't even know about.

I knew you were a punk when you didn't kiss me that night on the wharf! ;)

I knew you were mine when we ran into your old girlfriend at a single adult activity while playing firs-bee! I knew I loved you when I first took care of you when you got sick that summer! I knew you were patient when we flooded the jet skis in the delta. I knew you loved me when we when we got hot chocolate in Walnut creek! I knew I wanted to marry you when I stopped emailing that guy I was dating at BYU! :)
 I knew I was a lucky girl when you surprised me with Phantom tickets and a special dinner with all of our friends before the end of summer!

I knew I was spoiled when you surprised me with a trip to Vegas before going back to school! I knew you were the one for me when you refused to put up with all my crap. I knew you were fun and outgoing when I saw how jealous all the swing girls were when you brought a date (that couldn't dance) to the dance.
 I knew you were the one I was going to marry when I couldn't spend a single spare moment without thinking about you. I knew you loved me when you drove two hours to Provo every weekend for a whole semester. I knew you were kind when you drove half way to Provo to pick me up when the radiator of the Maxima overheated.

I knew why you were the way you were when I met your family at Christmas in Florida.

I knew you were romantic when you proposed to me in the very spot you didn't kiss me on our first date, at Thanksgiving!
 I knew I was the luckiest woman ever the day I was sealed to you for time and all eternity in the Oakland Temple.
  I knew I loved spending all my time with you when we went hiking, climbing, running and biking.

 I knew you were a diligent and worthy priesthood holder and active member of the church as you did your home teaching, went to church willingly every week, filled your callings, and cared for me and our home everyday! I knew you had a great deal of faith each time we have worked out what to do about school work and housing.
 I knew you were social and liked playing games when we went to a new persons house each week to play games. I knew you were loving and patient when you ate my burned food! I knew you were a great husband when you held me when I cried. I knew I loved you and wanted to be the best wife I could be on our first Anniversary after surviving the first year of marriage.

 I knew you were a punk when you jumped out and scared me every chance you got. I knew you were a good husband when you helped me cook and clean. I knew you liked to have fun and had a great sense of humor when you made me laugh every time we were together.

I knew you were responsible when we decided to buy our first house together in Logan.

 I knew you were focused supportive and liked being active when we ran our first half marathon together and then our second in Logan. And how much family meant to you when we ran the Taho relay together with all of them!

I knew you liked to have fun and be silly when we went to the demolition derby with my family.

 I knew you were forgiving and loved me and would stick up for me even when you were mad at me when we took that trip to Zions with your brothers!
I knew you were ambitious and hard working when you got all A's you last semester of school.
 I knew you loved to travel as much as I did when we went to Europe and wandered the streets and met cute little Italian ladies who taught us how to make beds and supremely interesting Jordanians on the train to Rome.

I knew life with you was special when we found out we were pregnant! I knew you were loving patient and caring when you stayed with me and walked me through every step of the contractions with Madison, even when I threw up on you! I knew you were sensitive and going to be a wonderful father when I watched you cry as you held Madison for the first time!
I knew you wanted to make our marriage great each time you listened to me whine and fight and then promised to try harder! I knew you were a great husband as you willingly offered to stay up each night with a crying baby so I could get some sleep. I knew you were a great father each time I watched you play with Madison and when I heard you bless her.

 I knew you cared about our family as you overcame challenges and trials with a renewed sense of determination and love! I knew you were a committed father and husband as you worked so had at your job to be the best you could be and to work towards the goals you had for yourself and our family!

I knew you loved learning as you studied and passed your GMAT exam to prepare for your MBA program. I knew you wanted the best for our family when you followed the spirit in choosing what job to take.
 I knew I loved you when we found out we were pregnant again!
I knew you were a good son, brother and husband as you help and support your family in every way you can.
 I know you are a wonderful husband each time you take the time to get to know me and spend time with me in ways that make me feel loved.

I love you more and more each day! I have loved you from day one but I don't think I could ever comprehend just how much that love would grow over the years. You are a wonderful person, friend, father, and husband!

Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day!