Monday, June 20, 2011

Easter... in June :)

So I get distracted from blogging because I get backed up and and then feel like there is too much to catch up on but don't want to skip anything cause I like to have the record and the pics together. I was finally inspired to get in gear again and go ahead and post about Easter when I saw that a friend of mine had posted about Christmas last month so I guess posting about Easter in June is ok too right?

I have found that I get way to much enjoyment out of giving my kids things and holidays are such a good excuse for that. Even though neither Phil or I growing up got big gifts at Easter we some how came to the conclusion that it would be fun to get Madison a bike for Easter. Our justification was that her birthday was too far into the summer to wait and that we wanted her to have it as the weather warmed up. Next time I think we can just get her a bike (or whatever it is) for no reason... It was a fun day and I know a memorable one for her but I just felt like there was something wrong about celebrating Easter with big gifts took away from the focus, plus how will we ever top a new bike! Next year it's eggs and candy like the rest of the normal world. ;)

I think we were more excited about it than she was at first!

 It took her a few rides to get the hang of it but she is pro now a bit of a scardy cat but it works good because then I can keep up with her on foot.

We also had our traditional Easter dying with our Neighbors and the oh so fun Easter egg hunt, unfortunately the dye on our eggs melted or something, in the humid air so the girls ended up with dye all over their hands.

I think Dave got more messy than the kids did!

Samantha kept trying to eat the eggs with the shells still on.

Easter Dresses! That the best I could get as far as a smile for Samantha.

A little late but Happy Easter!


VonTana said...

Is it really late if you are celebrating easter? Shouldn't we always remember the resurection? You know what would be more fun...Celebrating easter in Colorado.

Aaron said...

I miss the updates Emily.